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We completely understand that things happen in life and you may be in desperate need of a reliable, professional dog walker or pet sitter. To meet the needs of people who require last minute pet sitting services, Angela offers an in demand service called Paws-In-Demand. You don't have to worry about leaving your pet(s) in the hands of complete strangers. She has over 25+ years of pet care experience and excellent references so you can be confident that your pet will be well taken care of! We will do our very best to be there within a 4 hour window if you have requested same day or next day service. Unfortunately, weekend and holiday services may NOT be available at this time.

  • Please create an online account and fill in all of the required information in order to have your reservation reviewed.

  • Once your account has been approved, a Meet and Greet must be scheduled before same day or next day services is available.

  • We will need two sets of keys (or one set and access to a lockbox or coded entry) before we can start services.

  • Only available in Waltham, Belmont, and Watertown.

  • All animals must be friendly with strangers and up to date with Rabies vaccinations.

  • All services must be paid in full before any service is provided.

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DOG WALKING SERVICE (Same Day or Next Day Service)

When we provide dog walking visits, we spend the first few minutes of our visit giving our furry friends some extra love and getting ready for the walk. Angela is trained to walk in a way that’s comfortable, relaxing, and fun. The first few minutes are spent “sniffing” so they can have some structured down time. After the dog goes potty, we should have time to pick up the pace and get some good exercise in. We will walk as briskly as your dog can comfortably and safely walk. If your pup decides to pull or lunge, we’ll use distraction techniques to get them to refocus. We use “watch me,” touch,” “sit, or “let’s go.” We always have treats and will use them to reward good behavior. If your dog wants to stop to admire the scenery or sniff around a new spot for a moment, that’s okay. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. 

See Pricing Page for current rates

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PET SITTING SERVICE (with less than 4 days notice) - NOT available during holiday weeks

Your pet will stay in the comfort of its own home while you are away. Angela will come to visit to feed, give fresh water, walk, and/or play with your pet. We do all of the little extras as well as part of our standard visits (bring in mail, turn on/off lights, water plants, and make your home look like someone is home). We must provide a minimum of 3 visits each day but prefer to provide 4 visits for dogs and at least one visit per day for cats.

See Pricing Page for current rates

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