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Cat Sitting

Let us spoil your cat in the comfort of their own home while you are away. Our dedicated cat sitters will pamper your cat with personalized visits, including feeding, refreshing water, meticulous litter box care, and engaging playtime and enrichment. Should your cat require medication, rest assured, we have skilled cat sitters trained to administer pills, liquids, topicals, and transdermal treatments.

We assign at least three cat sitters to each client. We rotate schedules to ensure everyone enjoys their well-earned breaks, guaranteeing seamless service availability year round (except during busy holidays when we fill up fast). Rest assured, even when your primary caregiver is temporarily unavailable, we will never leave you scrambling to find a new pet sitter. We always have coverage to handle the unexpected.


We don’t just stop at feline care. We go above and beyond the standard cat sitting visit and make sure your home looks like someone is there by bringing in the mail and packages, watering your plants, and rotating lights on and off.


For the well-being and safety of your cat(s), we require a minimum of one visit every 24 hours.

Cat Sitting Service Options

Choose from our tailored visit durations to give your cat the loving care they deserve. These visits take place Monday through Friday between 8:30AM and 5:00PM. See Extended Hours prices below for services before 8:30am or after 5pm:

20 to 25 minutes: Ideal for homes with a shy cat needing feeding, fresh water, and litter box care who needs little to no human interaction.

20-minute visits:


25-minute visits:


30 to 35 minutes: Perfect for households with 1-2 social cats, combining playtime, feeding, freshwater, and litter box cleaning.

30-minute visits:


35-minute visits:


40 to 45 minutes: Suited for homes with two or more cats requiring extended play sessions, personalized care, feedings, fresh water, and litter box cleaning.

40-minute visits:


45-minute visits:


50 to 60 minutes: Designed for homes with 3+ cats demanding an equal amount of extended attention, playtime, feeding, fresh water, and litter box cleanings.

50-minute visits:


60-minute visits:


Extended Hours Visits: Weekdays between 7:30-9am and 5:00pm-7:30pm

25-minute visits:


30-minute visits:


40-minute visits:


We also offer an extended service, called Hangout With My Pet, where a member of our team remotely works from your home for 60 minutes, so your cat can have extra company during the day. We add this service before or after an already scheduled cat sitting service. These sessions are good for cats that need extra time with someone just being in the house. This service cannot serve as a substitute for any cat sitting service as we will not be actively engaging with your pet for the entire 60 minutes. This service is only available between 7-10am or after 3pm during the week, and on weekends between 10-4pm.

Hangout With My Pet:



- Weekend cat sitting visits are an additional $5/visit.

- Holidays are an additional $20/visit.

-Last minute requests for new clients made with less than 7 days notice are subject to Paws-In-Demand pricing +$15/visit

"The most reliable, available, thorough, detail-oriented and kind team of sitters..."

“Angela and her team at Pawsitive Pet Sitting are simply the best. I have tried many pet sitters over the years, and they are far and above the most reliable, available, thorough, detail-oriented and kind team of sitters - and my kitty loves them! It gives me great peace of mind when I'm away, as I always return home to a happy, relaxed (and very clean) pet!”

~ Samantha H.

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