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Have questions?

We've got answers.

  • What is your service area?
    We provide services in Waltham, Watertown, Belmont and parts of Newton.
  • Is Pawsitive Dawg Walking and Pet Sitting insured?
    Yes, Pawsitive Dawg Walking and Pet Sitting insured and bonded through Kennel Pro (Mourer-Foster Insurance Agency). All of our employees are fully bonded and insured as well. We are also required to carry worker's compensation insurance for our employees. We take this very seriously. This provides protection for you, your dog, and the dog walker/pet sitter.
  • Why do you customize services?
    Our company is committed to meeting you and your animal’s needs. We know that every animal is unique and needs different things to be happy so we want to be able to accommodate that to the best of our ability.
  • Do you take last minute requests?
    Once you are an established client, we can take last minute requests and it is based on availability. If you have a lockbox, coded door, or garage door entry, we do not charge Paws-In-Demand Fees. If you are not an established client, Angela may be able to provide Paws-In-Demand dog walking services during the week. Holidays and weekends most likely will not be available.
  • Will my dog have the same dog walker/pet sitter each time?
    We try our very best to always use the same dog walker whenever possible for our dog walking services when they are scheduled on a regular basis but life happens and since we have a team of pet care providers, we always have backup options available. You will have the opportunity to meet your dog walker during the Meet and Greet. A service fee of $25 will be added to your first invoice. ​ We use a team approach for our irregular dog walking and pet sitting services. Our staff work in shifts and depending on your pet(s)' needs, we may need to use more than one pet sitter. If you require more than one dog walker/pet sitter and would like to meet with all of them, the Meet and Greet will cost $25 per dog walker/pet sitter.
  • Why don't you take dogs off leash?
    We treat our clients' pets as if they are our own. Your pet's safety is our number one priority. There is just way too much risk involved with letting a dog run off leash. We do not want any dog getting into something he/she is not supposed to; running after a deer or another wild animal and getting lost; or getting into a fight with another off leash dog who is not part of the Pawsitive Dawg Walking and Pet Sitting family.
  • What animals do you take care of?
    We love all animals! We have experience with dogs, cats, mice, rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hedgehogs, ferrets, fish, birds, and reptiles. We do not take care of chickens, goats, or horses.
  • How can I be certain that someone came to visit as scheduled?
    We use a scheduling software and you download the app which alerts you when we arrive and we send a detailed visit update at the end of the visit as well.
  • How do I pay for services?
    For single-day or Paws-In-Demand clients, payment is due in full on the day of service. Payment is due in full on the last day of service for the week for multi-day dog walking clients. For example, if you booked Monday, Wednesday, Friday, payment is due on Friday. For pet sitting clients, payment is due two days before the first day of service. When booking around a holiday, a deposit of 25% of the balance may be required at the time of booking to secure your spot and payment is due in full one week prior to the first day of service. A $5 per week late charge will be assessed to the service that is not paid when it is due. There will be a $25 service charge for each returned check. You can pay online through our scheduling software (ACH, debit, or credit card) or by check. Please make checks out to Pawsitive Dawg Walking and Pet Sitting, LLC.
  • What happens if I need to cancel a scheduled visit?
    If you know you will not need a visit during the week, please try to give us as much notice as you can whenever possible. If you need to cancel services for the next day, please try to submit a request by 5pm the night before in order to prevent being charged cancellation fees. Pawsitive Dawg Walking and Pet Sitting understands that emergencies happen so if you need to cancel at the last minute, please submit your request before 8pm to prevent being charged the full amount of the visit. Any cancellation made between 5pm-8pm, will be charged 50% of the service and any cancellation made after 8pm will be charged the full amount of the visit. In the case of weather related cancellations, please cancel before 8am in order to prevent being charged for the visit.
  • Will you come in b​ad weather?
    We will provide service in all types of weather. We understand that your pet relies on us so we will do our best to arrive at our regularly scheduled time. However, when there is inclement weather, there is a possibility that our services may be delayed, shortened, or canceled. During the winter months (beginning of December through the beginning of April), we must schedule an on-call overnight pet sitter to be available in case of inclement weather if you do not have a neighbor that can help when we can't make it during a storm while we are pet sitting. There are additional charges that will be discussed prior to confirming availability.
  • Do you provide services on holidays?
    We do not provide regular dog walking services on the following holidays: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Eve. However, we provide pet sitting services on those holidays with limited availability so please request services at least a few weeks in advance to reserve your space. There is a $20 holiday fee per visit for any service scheduled on those days.
  • What do I need to leave out for the Dog Walker/Pet Sitter?
    Please leave out a collar and harness (if your dog uses one). We use our own leashes. When it is raining, please leave out a towel so we can dry off your dog after the walk. For pet sitting clients, please supply enough food and other supplies to last for the visit.
  • Do you know Pet First Aid and CPR?
    Yes! All of our employees are required to take and pass a Pet First Aid and CPR certification training course and have been certified through Pro Pet Hero. We all get re-certified every two years.
  • What are your Upper Respiratory Illness Procedures?
    Pawsitive Dawg Walking and Pet Sitting wants to reassure you that our commitment to everyone's health is our top priority. We want to be proactive and help mitigate further spread of any upper respiratory illness. While you may be asked to continue to work from home, we would love to continue our services as scheduled in order to keep your pet's routine as normal as possible. ​ It is very important that we continue to monitor ourselves, our family members, and anyone else we have close contact with. We will take every precaution that we can to try to keep everyone healthy. If any of our staff are feeling sick, they may be required to stay home and possibly follow up with a medical professional depending on their symptoms. We will automatically send another staff member to take care of your pet. ​ Based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidance for businesses and employers and the Massachusetts Reopening Plan to respond to COVID-19, we have asked all of our staff to follow basic protective measures as outlined in that document. We also need your help: We will need to wash our hands with soap and water in your home or use your restroom if we are working long shifts. If you have any concerns about us using your facilities or want us to use a specific restroom or sink in your home, please send us a message before we start services back up so we can work out a plan that works for you and update your profile so everyone is on the same page. ​ We also kindly request that all of our clients notify us immediately if they are showing symptoms described by the CDC of COVID-19 so we can cancel our visit(s) since we will be visiting other homes throughout the day and want to prevent possibly spreading any illness. Please visit the CDC website for more information on Upper Respiratory Illnesses and what you can do to help protect yourself from the viruses. Everyone's health and safety is very important to all of us at Pawsitive Dawg Walking and Pet Sitting. We will continue to monitor and follow the guidance provided by the CDC.
  • What is your key policy?
    If you do not have a coded door or coded garage door entry, we require a lockbox to be set up at your house. One set of keys stays in the lockbox and one set of keys stays locked in our Office. If you do not want to set up a lockbox, we require a three sets of keys and there is a Key Exchange Fee added to your invoice to accommodate the time and mileage we need to pay our team members to pick up and drop off keys at the Office. Benefits to Lockboxes or Coded Door 1. Enhanced Security Adopting lockboxes or coded doors means that your home’s security is always a top priority. This method eliminates the need to duplicate keys or manage their return, ensuring that only authorized team members have access. Regular updates to access codes further secure your property. You can change the codes whenever you want to. 2. Flexible Scheduling With keyless entry, we wouldn't have to spend time going to the Office to pick up and return keys saving us labor costs and keeping our prices down. This flexibility allows for easier scheduling of last-minute visits or changes to your pet care plan, ensuring that your pet's needs are always met, even when unexpected changes arise in your schedule. 3. Streamlined Service Utilizing a keyless system allows us to optimize our time, focusing more on the care and interaction with your pets rather than the logistics of key exchanges. This helps us maintain our commitment to punctuality and high-quality service during every visit. 4. Peace of Mind Knowing that your home and pets are secure while you're away provides immense peace of mind. A keyless system reinforces that trust, emphasizing our commitment to the safety and well-being of both your property and beloved pets.
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