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Shiba Inu on a Leash

Dog Walking

When we provide dog walking visits, we spend the first few minutes of our visit giving our furry friends some extra love and getting ready for the walk. Our dog walkers are specifically trained to walk in a way that’s comfortable, relaxing, and fun. The first few minutes are spent “sniffing” so they can have some structured down time. After the dog goes potty, we should have time to pick up the pace and get some good exercise in. We will walk as briskly as your dog can comfortably and safely walk.


If your pup decides to pull or lunge, we’ll use distraction techniques to get them to refocus. We use “watch me,” "touch,” “sit," or “let’s go.” We always have treats and will use them to reward good behavior. If your dog wants to stop to admire the scenery or sniff around a new spot for a moment, that’s okay. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. You may see us talking with the furry friend on our walks. We love to tell them stories and shower them with praise! Everyone loves routine and structure, but we also vary our walking routes to prevent boredom and to provide new exposures.

Solo Dog Walking Duration Options

Choose from our tailored visit durations to give your dog the best walks ever! We offer our dog walking services in three hour windows: between 9-12pm, 10-1pm, 11-2pm, 12-3pm, 1-4pm or 2-5pm. We change our schedules daily to minimize drive time so cannot guarantee specific times. 

Potty break & 15 minutes: Visits under 20 minutes require a lockbox or coded door entry and your dog must be ok with strangers entering their home.

Potty break:


15-minute visit:


20 to 25 minutes: Good for dogs that need a short neighborhood walk.

20-minute visit:


25-minute visit:


30 to 35 minutes: Suited for dogs that need a longer walk in the neighborhood and may also need a meal time feeding.

30-minute visit:


35-minute visit:


50 to 60 minutes: Good for dogs that require a longer walk in the neighborhood or dogs who may need additional time warming up to a new dog walker and require a good balance between sniffing and walking in order to do their business.

50-minute visit:


60-minute visit:


40 to 45 minutes: Good for dogs who need a longer walk in the neighborhood and a mealtime feeding or dog that may need additional time warming up to a new dog walker.

40-minute visit:


45-minute visit:


Solo Hikes: Perfect for high-energy pups eager to explore without the worry of unexpected escapades. Exploring without a leash opens doors to potential hazards, from chasing wildlife or getting tangled up with unfamiliar off-leash pups so we keep your dog on-leash. We are all about keeping your furry friend safe and sound during their adventures while meeting their enrichment needs. (Offered between 8-10am or between 2-5pm)

45-minute hike:


60-minute hike:



- Frequency discounts may apply when you book 4 or more dog walking services during the week

- Extended Hours walks (before 8:30am or after 5pm) are an additional $5/walk.

- Extra dogs are an additional $5/dog.

- Weekends are an additional $5/walk.

- Holidays are an additional $20/walk.

- If you do not have a coded door or coded garage door entry, we require a lockbox to be set up at your house.

Socialization Sessions

20 min visit = $50

Using only positive reinforcement and force-free training methods, Angela will work with your shy dog to slowly introduce them to staff members. There will always be two people walking your dog on these visits. While the process may not be easy; with patience, love, and consistency, your pup can make new human friends! Angela is the only dog walker offering this service so space is extremely limited. Your dog walker is also a dog trainer. We must walk your dog at least once every week in order for this program to be effective. Over time, we may be able to transition your dog to a regular dog walking session with another dog walker.

Walk and Train Sessions

Over the past 20 years, Angela has worked with many dog trainers, read many great books, and done tons of research on the different training methods available to help her dogs who were very reactive to other dogs. There are so many trainers to choose from and many trainers who have different training philosophies.


Even though she holds a dog training diploma, she is still getting as much hands-on experience working with her own dogs and her dog walking clients before she promotes herself as a "certified professional dog trainer" and earns the letters behind her name. She has recently become Fear Free certified and has a special place in her heart for animals with special needs. Her experience in special education has given her the patience for working with dogs who need extra love and support.


Using only positive reinforcement, Fear Free and force-free training methods, a member of our Fear Free certified team will work with you to expand your dog's world. This service is intended for dogs that are reactive to other dogs while on leash, dogs that pull, dogs that scavenge, or dogs that are shy/fearful and need extra time to warm up to people. Even though Angela has her dog training diploma, she may refer you to a certified dog trainer to help first before she can offer Walk and Train services. While the process is not easy; with patience, love, and consistency, change can and will happen! 


Our Walk and Train services are truly exceptional. We're committed to a force-free and fear-free approach, ensuring your furry companion feels safe, secure, and supported every step of the way. During our visits, we dive deep, getting hands-on to provide not just walks, but personalized training sessions tailored to your dog's needs. It's all about taking their skills to the next level.

To ensure meaningful progress, we require a minimum of two services per week. If we can incorporate daily sessions even for a short time, that's even better! Whether it's Angela or Laura, we team up with your furry friend for a series of sessions, understanding that every dog is unique and requires a customized approach. Our focus is on laying down solid groundwork, teaching essential skills that enhance their connection with their walker and empower them to navigate the world confidently.

Detailed notes are a cornerstone of our service. We document everything meticulously so you're always in the loop, enabling us to work together seamlessly towards your pup's goals. And we're here for you every step of the way—feel free to reach out with any questions or clarifications. It's all about teamwork and celebrating progress together.

In the event that we encounter a challenge beyond our expertise, we'll recommend bringing in a certified professional dog trainer for additional support. This expert has the knowledge and techniques to fine-tune your pup's training for optimal results that we can replicate on our sessions.

Once we've established a solid foundation and your pup is thriving, we transition to our Fear Free certified dog walkers for Walk and Train II services. They ensure your pup's newfound skills endure, even with a different dog walker. Once everything runs smoothly for a few weeks with that person, they seamlessly transition to our Walk and Maintain services, ensuring continuity and consistency in your pup's care journey.

Please visit our Dog Training page for more information.

Pricing varies

Paws-In-Demand Dog Walking Service

+$15 fee


We completely understand that things happen in life and you may be in desperate need of a reliable, professional dog walker. To meet the needs of people who require last minute dog walking services, Angela offers an in demand service called Paws-In-Demand. You don't have to worry about leaving your dog(s) in the hands of complete strangers. She has over 25+ years of pet care experience and excellent references so you can be confident that your dog will be well taken care of! We will do our very best to be there within a 4 hour window if you have requested same day service. (This service may not be available during busy periods and weekends)

  • Please create an online account and fill in all of the required information in order to have your reservation reviewed.

  • Once your account has been approved, a Meet and Greet must be scheduled before same day or next day services are available.

  • Only available in Waltham, Belmont, and Watertown.

  • All animals must be friendly with strangers and up to date with Rabies vaccinations.

  • We will need three sets of keys (or one set and access to a lockbox or coded entry) before we can start services.

  • All services must be paid in full before any service is provided.

"Highly, highly recommend!"

“I have used Pawsitive Dawg consistently over the past two years, both for multiple weekly dog walking visits and occasional cat sitting when I'm out of town. Angela and her team are phenomenal. In addition to being incredibly reliable and responsive, I particularly appreciate the strong focus on positive reinforcement, evidenced by their participation in programs such as the Pet Professional Guild. Due to worries about my dog's anxiety around new people, this was the first company that I trusted with my pets, and I could not be more pleased. Highly, highly recommend.”

~ Kim H.

Review from Google

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